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Can Anyone Baptize?

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? Today I was talking to a woman that I work with.? She identifies herself as a Lutheran; but as it turns out, she was never Baptized and thus never became a member of the Church.? She had only attended church when she was young.? I think that she (Read the rest…)

Can A Non Lutheran Be A Sponsor or Godparent?

Question: In Luther?s Small Catechism, question 247 (page 203, 1991 edition) it states:? ?Only those of the same confession of faith should be sponsors.?? Is this still followed or is ?should? the operative word here?? Thanks for your answer. Inquisitive Christian Answer: Dear Inquisitive, Oh, you are an astute person! :-)? When I teach the (Read the rest…)

Are Crucifixes A Roman Catholic Practice?

Question: Hey Pastor, is the use of crucifixes a Roman Catholic practice?? Doesn’t the empty cross provide a better symbol for Lutherans?? How does the LCMS feel about using a crucifix in church? [Note: A crucifix is a cross with a figure of the crucified Christ on it.] Answer: For the answer to this question, (Read the rest…)