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LCMS Stand On The Death Penalty

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? What does the Bible and our church body, The Lutheran Church?Missouri Synod, say about the death sentence? Answer: Thanks for your question.? The following is from our church body?s official web site.? I thought that the answer found there was quite good. In 1967, The Lutheran Church?Missouri Synod (Read the rest…)

Crossing Oneself

QuestionđŸ˜• ?Hey Pastor, I?m curious about this practice of crossing oneself.? I?m seeing it practiced more and more in Lutheran churches these days.? Back when I was a kid in confirmation classes we were taught absolutely, positively, never, ever to do that!? I?ve not found anything in print about this ?new? practice.? Has the Synod (Read the rest…)

LCMS View On Organizations & Clubs

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? Why is it that our congregation and church body (LCMS) don?t approve of someone belonging to a ?lodge? such as the Elks, Masons or similar organizations?? Those groups do much good for many people.? How can belonging to such a group be wrong in God?s eyes? Answer: Thanks (Read the rest…)

Can You Have Membership In Multiple Churches

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question! Is it possible for a person to hold membership in two different congregations at the same time? It seems that as long as each of the two congregations is Christian, holding membership in each body of believers ought to be OK, right? What are your thoughts on this (Read the rest…)

Can A Protestant Wear A Crucifix?

Question:? Hey Pastor, I have a question!? A column in the religion section of the newspaper intrigued me.? The column was a question and answer forum and one question asked was: ?Can a Protestant wear a crucifix??? Do you have any thoughts on this same question? Answer:? Thank you for your query.? Thanks also for (Read the rest…)

Can A Non Lutheran Be A Sponsor or Godparent?

Question: In Luther?s Small Catechism, question 247 (page 203, 1991 edition) it states:? ?Only those of the same confession of faith should be sponsors.?? Is this still followed or is ?should? the operative word here?? Thanks for your answer. Inquisitive Christian Answer: Dear Inquisitive, Oh, you are an astute person! :-)? When I teach the (Read the rest…)

Are Crucifixes A Roman Catholic Practice?

Question: Hey Pastor, is the use of crucifixes a Roman Catholic practice?? Doesn’t the empty cross provide a better symbol for Lutherans?? How does the LCMS feel about using a crucifix in church? [Note: A crucifix is a cross with a figure of the crucified Christ on it.] Answer: For the answer to this question, (Read the rest…)