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Why Do We Stand For Last Stanza Of Some Hymns?

Question😕 Hey Pastor, I?ve noticed that sometimes we stand to the sing the last verse of certain hymns.? Why is that? Answer😕 Another excellent question from you, one of our readers.? Thanks for asking.? This practice (like that of crossing oneself as we discussed in last month?s column) is something with which I was unfamiliar (Read the rest…)

What Is An Inurnment Service?

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? We recently had a death in the family and the obituary indicated the there would be an ?inurnment service? for the family.? I have heard of the word ?internment? but could you please explain ?inurnment??? Thanks. Answer: Well, I was right alongside you with your question.? I, too, (Read the rest…)

What Does AMEN Mean?

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? Why do we use the word ?Amen? so often ? in our prayers, during our liturgy, and even within the Bible it can be found within some verses.? What?s this word all about? Answer: Thanks for writing.? Good question.?? Here follows is an excerpt from the LCMS Commission (Read the rest…)

Singing Amen After Every Hymn

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? The question that you answered in the last Zion News got me to thinking.? Why don?t we sing ?amen? at the end of the hymns anymore?? I remember singing ?amen? after each hymn of the old hymnal. Answer: Thanks for writing.? You bring another good question for us (Read the rest…)

Pastors’ Robes and Special Clothing

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? Why do pastors wear robes and special clothing such as the colored strip of cloth draped over the shoulders?? Also, during the Christmas season and then beginning on Easter Sunday you seemed to ?disappear? from the chancel right after you handed the offering plates to the ushers.? When (Read the rest…)

How We Use AMEN & Its Meaning

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? As I reflect back on my days going to church as a youth, I remember singing ?Amen? after all (or nearly all) the hymns.? Why doesn?t our present hymnal conclude each hymn with an ?Amen??? And, will the new hymnal that the LCMS has developed have ?Amens? at (Read the rest…)

How Are Hymns Chosen For Worship Services

Q & A Since no questions were submitted to be answered this month, this column will answer a question that may be on your mind: why do we sing what we do in church? The music sung in church is fitting for that setting.? The setting in church is the worship service: where God comes (Read the rest…)

Facing The Processional Cross

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? It seems that on ?special? days such as Christmas, Easter, and Reformation, we begin the worship service with you, Vicar and others entering the church from the rear.? We?re told to face the Processional Cross as it leads the party into, and later, out of the church.? I (Read the rest…)

Zion’s Worship Service

This month this column will take on a slightly different format.? Please read on.? In early August an email message was sent to me by someone who is moving to our area.? The inquirer is also, wisely(!), looking for a new church home.? A number of questions were directed to me and I attempted to (Read the rest…)