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Pastors or Elders Drink Leftover Wine

Question: Why do the pastors drink the wine remaining in the chalice after communion? Answer: Perhaps you have noticed that, at the end of communion distribution, the pastors (and sometimes the elder) drink the wine that is left in the chalice.? And, if you have noticed this, you may wonder why this is done. If (Read the rest…)

Pastor Communing Himself

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? I noticed early last fall that you began communing yourself.? Most of my experience has been seeing the Pastor receive communion from a distribution assistant.? Why the change?? Which way is better? Answer: Thanks for writing!? You pose questions that certainly deserve answers. From the content of your (Read the rest…)

Non-Ordained Men Assisting In Communion

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? In the Augsburg Confession, Article XIV it states:? ?It is taught among us that nobody should publicly teach or preach or administer the sacraments in the church without a regular call.?? I have seen called Principals and Teachers assist the Pastor(s) with the Sacrament of the Altar.? Why (Read the rest…)

Communion Every Sunday; Closed Communion

On the Faithful Administration of the Sacrament of the Altar [The following article by Dr. James Kalthoff, president of the LCMS Missouri District, was first published in the May 1999 issue of The Voice of Missouri, the official newspaper of the Missouri District.? It was reprinted on the LCMS Commission on Worship?s website and is (Read the rest…)

Why Zion has Communion Every Sunday

Question: I was a confirmed Church going Catholic for 24 years until I married my wife and joined the Lutheran Church.? Growing up as a Catholic I became confused and concerned by actions of the Church that appeared to be contradictory to what I read in the Bible and even to sermons that were preached (Read the rest…)

Communion Too Often

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a couple of questions!? It seems as if we have the Lord?s Supper more frequently than we did a few years ago.? Why is that?? Couldn?t we begin to take it too casually and thereby the wonder of the Sacrament lose its meaning? ?I was wondering if we should think (Read the rest…)

Closed Communion

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? Why does the LCMS practice closed communion?? I once had a Lutheran pastor tell me that it was because not all denominations believe that what is present is actually the body and blood of Christ, and it would not be proper to give communion to someone who doesn?t (Read the rest…)

Children Receiving Holy Communion Before Confirmation

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? From time to time I hear of young children being given Holy Communion before they are confirmed.? What?s the Church?s opinion on that?? Also, what?s your opinion on this matter? Answer: Thanks for writing.? Yes, some of what you describe does go on in certain Lutheran Churches.? Some (Read the rest…)