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Where Does Temptation Originate

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!!? In the 6th Petition of the Lord?s Prayer, we pray:? ??and lead us not into temptation.? What exactly is meant by that?? I thought that God NEVER leads anyone into temptation; yet, when you look at these words on their own, it appears that He would indeed lead (Read the rest…)

What Is The Gospel Of Judas

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? What is this new ?Gospel of Judas? that made the news a few weeks ago?? I watched the television program broadcast on the National Geographic channel.? Some of what they said confused me.? Will this book be inserted in Bibles that are printed from now on? Answer: You (Read the rest…)

Was Mark 16 V 9-20 Original Manuscript

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? I just finished the 16th chapter of Mark.? In both of my Bibles, there is a little message that states that verses 9-20 of chapter 16 are not in the original manuscripts.? Does this mean that the verses may or may not have occurred?? Could you explain this (Read the rest…)

Was Jesus Really Born on Dec 25th

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? I was talking with some friends about Christmas.? They said that Jesus really wasn?t born on December 25th.? If that is true, then why do we Christians celebrate Jesus? birthday on that day? Answer: Thanks for your timely, ?season-specific? question.? Your question has some interesting points for us (Read the rest…)

If Lucifer Was In Heaven, How Did He Go Against God

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? In the beginning, if Lucifer was already in heaven with God, how was it possible for him to go against God? Answer: You have provided a fine question for us to consider.? Thank you. Originally all angels were created to be positively ?good.?? We believe this to be (Read the rest…)

How To Get To Heaven

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? My mom passed away when our child was an infant.? The question was asked about my mom and how she?s doing in heaven.? I told her that heaven was a fabulous place, where you get to be with Jesus and that it is beautiful, etc. Then our child (Read the rest…)

Why Are 10 Commandments Sometimes Numbered Differently

Question: In confirmation classes, we study the Ten Commandments; our junior confirmands memorize these along with their meanings.? Why are they numbered differently in some books and on some plaques? Answer: Perhaps you have seen or heard someone talking about the Ten Commandments, but using different numbers than you learned in confirmation class.? The numbering (Read the rest…)

How Can God Feel Anger If Its A Sin & Negatives In Heaven

This month?s question is two-fold. Question #1: Hey Pastor, I have a question! Each night I read to my son from his Children?s Bible and a couple of questions arose.? Actually, these issues have come up several times in different sections of the readings.? Because of that, he asked me to write to you with (Read the rest…)

Can Salvation Be Lost?

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question that brings up debate whenever it arises with my friends.? It seems that many Christians, and not just Lutherans, grow up and come to believe that if you?re baptized, you believe in the Triune God and Jesus Christ as one?s Savior, then ?You?re Saved!?? They believe that no (Read the rest…)