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Women’s Bible Study HAS BEEN POSTPONED. “The Broken Way; A Daring Path Into the Abundant Life” By Ann Voskamp

In her introduction to this study Ann writes:  “Perhaps that’s how you feel:  Broken beyond redemption.  Many of us do.  It’s a lie.  Broken, yes, we are broken, and we won’t be fully whole in this lifetime.  But beyond redemption, beyond fruitfulness, beyond beauty, beyond an abundant life…?  No.  No human person is so far gone that God can’t work in and through us if we let Him.

In fact, brokenness is His chosen way of working through us.  God deliberately chooses broken people to be His vessels, and He calls us to be broken and poured out for others.  As we follow Him step by step along the road before us, bad brokenness is broken by [His] good brokenness.”

Please let Karen Rock know if you plan to attend.  Text or call (708) 601-9863, or email at We will meet in the conference room from 9:30 – 11:00.  The book (paperback or Kindle) and study guide can be purchased from Amazon (From 3rd party sellers.)  If you need help ordering and/or paying for your books, please let Karen know.  The book is not required, but will add a great deal of depth to the study for participants.  (Even if you don’t read the whole thing!)

We’ll meet weekly, and an end date for the study has not been determined as we won’t be hurrying through the material.  Please also feel free to invite any “broken” friends to come along!