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Due to the ongoing virus, meeting for Bible study has been problematic. In an effort to at least allow those who are digitally “connected” to engage in study, we will begin a 6 part study on Tues., September 22nd. We will meet on-line every other Tuesday for six (6) sessions. We expect each session to be about 30-45 minutes in length.

This study will be “topical” in nature – on the subject of Holy Baptism. Here are the main points regarding how we will study God’s Word using an on-line method:

  1. A digital book in pdf format will be sent to all who sign up.
  2. Assigned chapters will be given to you. The participants are asked to read the material BEFORE the class begins. 
  3. A few questions will be sent in advance of each session. Participants may review these questions and make note of their thoughts. These questions will guide our on-line discussion.
  4. We will “gather” on-line using the Zoom teleconferencing tool at 7 PM on the designated days. (By the way, this is NOT difficult if you have not yet used Zoom. A practice session will be held on Monday, Sept. 21st at 7 PM to help participants learn how to use this tool.)

If you are interested, email the church office at to register your participation. The book and additional information will be sent to you using email.

There is NO COST to participate. The author of the book that we will use offers it for use free of charge. However, he will accept donations. Pastor suggests that those who are able to make a donation make it in the range of $3-5 per copy. Again, this is only a suggestion. There is no charge for the use of the Zoom teleconferencing tool.