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The pandemic continues among us and medical authorities indicate that there remains the very real “higher risk” status for certain segments of our population. We have a number of members who are in that status and, accordingly, have not been able to receive the Lord’s Supper since early March because they are unable to attend our public worship services.

Because of this fact, the Board of Elders has authorized a trial of offering the Lord’s Supper after the Sunday morning worship service once each month for those who are unable to attend the public worship services.

Here are the salient points of this option:

  1. Offered only on the 1st Sun. of each month (Aug. 2nd will be the first opportunity)
  2. Those desiring to participate will be encouraged to call and register their names ahead of time. (By doing that, we’ll be better prepared for the distribution.)
  3. Pastor will be available for 60 minutes following the Sunday morning service – beginning at approx. 10:15 AM. (It is hoped that the participants would have viewed or listened to the service prior to arriving for Communion.)
  4. Elements to be served will be those that were consecrated but not consumed at the 9 AM service.
  5. “Drive-Up” to the west portico entrance and Pastor will be waiting for you.

Again, this will begin on August 2nd at 10:15 AM. Please tell anyone who you believe would like to take advantage of this option to receive Jesus’ very Body and Blood for forgiveness of sin and a strengthening of their faith. Call Pastor Rock with any questions that you might have. Church: 708.946.2271; Cell: 708.363.9863