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Service of Remembrance

Saturday, December 8th at 7pm –   Service of Remembrance

This year we will again hold a special “Service of Remembrance”. Its purpose is to help those who have lost loved ones go through this festive time of year – but now without their departed loved ones.

This year’s service is scheduled to be held on Sat., Dec. 8th at 7:00 PM. The simple, brief service is intended for all, but especially for those who wish to remember in prayer, song, and Scripture readings their loved ones who have passed away.

During the course of the service, the worshippers may present the name(s) of their loved one. The names will be read aloud, the church bell will be rung, and the worshipper may also light a candle in remembrance of that person. Following the service, our Board of Outreach will serve light refreshments.

Again, please remember that this is for both our own members AND anyone within our area. Please spread the word to your friends and family. Perhaps through this effort, we can help many people find more joy at this time of year. Please see Pastor Rock for more information.