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What Is An Inurnment Service?

Question: Hey Pastor, I have a question!? We recently had a death in the family and the obituary indicated the there would be an ?inurnment service? for the family.? I have heard of the word ?internment? but could you please explain ?inurnment??? Thanks.

Answer: Well, I was right alongside you with your question.? I, too, had never heard of the word ?inurnment,? so I called our members who own and manage the Hack Funeral Home and posed your question to them.

I spoke with Jeannie Ohlendorf and John Dean and they explained that ?inurnment? is the action of putting the cremains of the deceased into a ?columbarium.?? Now you probably ask (as I did!), what is a ?columbarium??? This, in essence, is a mausoleum exclusively used for placement of the cremains of one who is deceased.

So, based on what you mentioned in your question, and what John and Jeannie told me, it appears that the obituary was describing what was going to be done to your relative?s cremains.? They were going to be formally placed in their final earthly resting place until the Day of the Resurrection of all flesh.

On a related note, when I spoke with Jeannie and John, it became quite evident to me that it is a wise and thoughtful idea to inform one?s relatives of what your wishes are for your funeral and body disposition.? A person can formally make these plans with the funeral director of their choice or their wishes can simply be written down.? (Of course, others must be told where these instructions can easily be found when the need arises.)? If this ?pre-need? work is done, the survivors need only put into action what your desires are.? No doubt, many families have been saved much time as well as some hurt feelings that resulted from a differing of opinions as to how the funeral and related events are to be handled.

Of course, the funeral is intended to help the survivors deal with the loss of a loved one.? Yet, the most important aspect of the funeral, is to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be ?front and center? in every aspect.? For it is the fact that our Christian loved one is in heaven through forgiveness of sins received through faith in Christ that truly gives us peace and comfort!? Thanks for your question.