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What Is A Vicar?

Question: I?m new to Zion and to being a Lutheran, so bear with me.? I?ve heard lately that we?re getting a vicar.? My family and I were wondering what a vicar is/does.? My son said that he thought a vicar was someone who is an assistant to you.? I looked it up on the internet and that seemed to be correct.? So, what is a vicar and what will his duties be?

/s/ Trying to Understand

Answer: Dear Trying,

You asked what a ?vicar? is.? Good question!? Very simply, a vicar is a student pastor who has completed some (if not all) of his academic training toward becoming a Pastor.? This is much like a student doctor when he/she serves as a medical intern.

During the vicar?s 12 month ?vicarage,? he does nearly, but not quite, everything that a Pastor does within the parish.? The idea is to expose the vicar to the ?real world? of a parish after having studied what a Pastor does from an academic standpoint.? This is done to help him prepare for his own ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry.

Most likely he will preach once a month for his first few months with us.? After he gets more experience and has ?settled in,? then he will preach more frequently.? He will assist in conducting our Divine Worship services much as Mr. Lehmann has been doing for the last few months.? (Incidentally, Mr. Lehmann will be leaving us to enroll in the seminary himself about the time that Vicar Miller arrives!)? The Vicar will also assist with teaching classes including units in both Adult and Junior Confirmation classes.? And, of course, we certainly don?t want to ?cheat? our Vicar out of getting to attend the numerous meetings that a Pastor must attend!? All in all, you will see a lot of our Vicar serving in many capacities.

Thanks for your question.? God bless you in Christ Jesus,