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Pastors’ Hospital Visits

Hospital stays can be difficult.? Strange beds, little privacy, constant noise and activity, and the absence of familiar faces make hospital stays difficult.? Of course, all of this is on top of whatever pain or sickness has brought one to the hospital in the first place.? During such times, Pastor Rock and I are privileged to come and visit the members of Zion (or others who ask us to visit).

These visits give us an opportunity to share in the joys and sorrows of the hospitalized person.? We love and care about each of you and want to share in these joys and sorrows.? Moreover, these visits allow us to bring God?s Word and Communion to people in the hospital.? These means of grace will do what God has promised: they bring Christ into the darkest places, including hospital rooms.? They increase faith and lift our eyes to Christ.? In the hospital, this can bring great comfort, peace, and strength.? It is our call and privilege to bring these great gifts to you.

You can help us to make these visits.? Please let us know if you are in the hospital.? Whether your hospital stay is long or short; whether it is planned or unplanned, please let us know when you are in the hospital.? This will allow us to come visit you; otherwise, we are unlikely to know that you are in the hospital and (obviously) will not be able to visit you.? We do want to come see you, so please let us know when you are in the hospital.? A simple call to the church office is a quick and easy way to let us know.

Pastor Rock and I have divided up the duties of visiting hospitals.? Usually this means that the pastor who is not preaching on the coming Sunday handles the hospital visits each week.? This allows both of us to make hospital visits while also giving us time to prepare for upcoming sermons.? Please understand then that even if only one of us comes to see you, both of us are concerned and care about you.? In the same way, we divide up visits to our homebound members, allowing both of us to visit them at different times.

We hope and pray that God grants you good health.? However, should you find yourself at a hospital, please let us know.? It is our great privilege to come and visit you then, bringing God?s Word to you.

In Christ,

Pastor Moldenhauer