Zion Lutheran School

Why choose Zion? A Christian education better prepares children for the real world through academic, social and spiritual growth. Zion is faith and family. Invest in the positive difference of Zion. Here's what Zion parents have to say...

Parent & Alumni Testimonials

A benefit of Zion is close relationships with peers and staff. Teachers and parents work together to give students the best growing environment for the student's faith in Jesus and their education —Ally Meyer Detig Class of 2006

I like Zion for their small class size that allows for individual attention, being able to get to know my son's teacher makes sending him to school much easier knowing his teacher is nurturing, caring and experienced. I look forward to my other kids attending Zion as well. —Meredth B

Zion has taught me how to live a life for God and that through Him, we will receive earthly blessings, as well as eternal ones. We can do everything through Him. —Danielle Snuckel Class of 2011

Zion stressed the importance of choosing good friends and introduced me to a good base of friends which I could build upon. The right group of friends after school years is an important part of life. You become like-minded to those you befriend. —Michael Barber Class of 2011

Zion taught me that faith can take you far in life. I could not have accomplished as much as I have thus far in life without God supporting me. —Sarah Foote Class of 2010

This will be our third year at Zion and our younger child is so excited to start 3 year preschool. We have been so blessed to have amazing teaching staff and support staff over the past two years. We could not think of a better environment for our children to learn and grow up in today's challenging world. My 5 year old has already gained so much by being a part of the warm and caring Zion family. The sense of peace in knowing both of our girls will have a strong foundation of faith to guide their decisions as they enter high school and beyond makes the decision to send them to Zion an easy one. —Greg and Julie Hammer

Zion taught me to compete but to always be fair. Through sports and other academic activities, I was taught to work hard and always try my best, but always be fair to those I was competing against. —Steven Barber Class of 2008

Academic excellence in the security of God's love. —Jennifer Forbes

I was a student at Zion since preschool. I liked how we could freely talk about God in every class. Mr. Hopman is the greatest History and Government teacher ever! He makes every class and every lesson fun. Zion taught me to live life to the fullest, not to be afraid to fail, believe and you will succeed, and work hard to achieve things you never thought you could. —Elizabeth Latino, Salutatorian Class of 2016

My husband and I chose Zion school for our daughter for a couple of reasons: First, we wanted her to have a good education and we believe that to have a good education means being at a school that has a "great" Christian base and we know, from experience, that was not going to happen in a public school.
Second, having been with Zion school for 6 yrs, we are both very pleased with the education not only from the teachers but also from the Pastors that are showing our daughter and all the children that go here how very blessed we are to know the love that God has for us all. —Pam and Rich Bruns

Words cannot describe the positive impact Zion has had on our daughter. She enrolled as a 6th grader in Mrs. Valenzano's class and was immediately welcomed by all. Mrs. Valenzano has challenged our daughter where she needed it and because of that, our daughter is excelling like never before. —Bill and Sandy Hopman