Zion Lutheran School

Classes incorporate Zion's mission and state learning standards. Zion provides a quality, accredited education in a loving, Christian, family environment.


  • Religion and Confirmation Instruction – Includes daily devotions, Wednesday Morning Chapel, Bible Study, Catechism, Memory Work, and Church History. The Seventh and Eighth Grade Religion classes include Confirmation preparation.
  • Language Arts Instruction – Includes Reading, Literature, English, Handwriting, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Library Science.
  • Science Instruction – Includes Biology, Earth Science, Physical Science, Health and Nutrition, Chemistry, and Ecology.
  • Mathematics Instruction – Includes Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and related areas. After sixth grade promotion, above average students may advance one grade level and complete Algebra One during the eighth grade year.
  • Social Studies Instruction – Includes Geography, History, Citizenship, Current Events, and United States and Illinois constitutions.
  • Music Instruction – Includes Choral Music and General Classroom Music Education. Choral groups enrich worship services at Zion Lutheran Church approximately once a month. Piano instruction available during the school day.  Other instrumental music instruction is provided through Beecher Public Schools. 
  • Art Instruction – Includes drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, and other mediums of creative expression.
  • Physical Education – Includes physical fitness, calisthenics, games, and team sports.
  • Field Trips – Educational tours are important learning experiences. Pre-planning and Pre-study takes place as well as review and reinforcement following the trip.
  • Computer Instruction – Kindergarten students receive thirty minutes of instruction each day, and first through eighth grade students receive forty minutes of instruction each day. Basic skills reinforcement, touch-typing, internet research, and the like are included in the program.
  • Robotics